What to expect during your treatment


Treatments cost £95 for approximately 120 minutes. Alternatively you can ask for 60 a minute session for £60. Allow a little more time for your initial session.

You will be lying down during the session fully clothed.  

A treatment may include any combination of the following techniques.

   –Bespoke nutritional supplementation to support healing

      –Food testing and dietary advice

       –Herbal and plant medicine for healing

       –Bach flower remedies

      –Gentle structural yet powerful manipulations for persistent aches and pains.

       –Lymphatic massage to ease congested areas

       –Neuro-vascular stimulation

       –Emotional stress and trauma release to help facilitate deep sub conscious reprogramming

       –EFT tapping

       –Meridian flushing

      –Centering and grounding realignment

       –Chakra balancing and clearing

Please note that supplements and nutrition are not included in the treatment cost and it will be at your own discretion to purchase them